Looking for Art?


Artist, Jim Throgmorton, says "THANK YOU for visiting my website.  I really hope you enjoy browsing through and decide to add one (or more) to your collection.  Please don't confuse my artwork with other 'mid-century modern artists.  I create this fun art because I enjoy it and I think everyone deserves to own good art.  My style is mine. I love color & bold lines. I enjoy whimsical art that doesn't take itself seriously. Every piece of my art work is original and yet ThrogArt artworks are affordable AND high-quality!  We operate out of my studio in Palm Springs, CA where we sell  (and ship) direct to the consumer - eliminating the middleman ."


"Now when guests walk in, they are impressed!  I wanted an art piece that "spoke" to me and made a huge statement about me and my home.  I had looked for a long time and when I saw "Entangled", I knew this was the one!  All I could say was  'FREAKIN' AMAZING'!"

Cris C.

La Quinta, CA

"This was my first ThrogArt "cat" canvas. 
I bought it on a Saturday and Sunday morning, I was back and bought 2 more!  Now my home office makes me happy every time I walk in!   I love El Gato, Rose and Noir... and I'm sure I'll be adding another one soon... I have a wall just calling out for one.  


Melissa R.

Palm Springs, CA

"Hi Jim, here is The Wave House over our sliders in the Living Room of our new condo in Palm Desert, CA.  It is PERFECT!

We were undecided between this one and the Palm Springs House 1 when we chose this one.  As soon as the bedroom remodel is completed, we are going to get the PS for over our bed!  LOVE your art!"

Kevin A.

Palm Desert, CA