by Jim Throgmorton 

Jim is a sketch artist, painter, graphic artist, and designer. 

THROGART is a newcomer to the


 marketplace ...
offering Art Enthusiasts an opportunity to buy originals - and prints - that are destined to be collector items based on the phenomenal success in his first year of selling to the public. 

In less than 12 months, Art Enthusiasts have purchased over 50 ThrogArt pieces at Art Festivals, Art Fairs, ThrogArt.com Website, Facebook, etc..

Art Enthusiasts, Collectors, Patrons, Curators, Interior Designers and Galleries across the country are recognizing his talent.

Collectors are saying some of  the more distinctive differences with ThrogArt pieces are his unique attention to Architectural Design and Details, the Humor, the Larger sizes and, of course, the Vibrant Colors!

MID-CENTURY pieces are vividly colored and celebrate the iconic flamboyant 50's style as was portrayed in movies, TV and advertising of the era. 

The people are bigger than life, drinking, partying - living life "large". 

The cats are playful and mischievous. 

 The cars are dramatic with "style". 

 The houses are designed with Strong Lines and Bold Colors to call attention to the legendary architects of the day.

The ATOMIC pieces are also a nod to the 50's, featuring "horror" movies, space ships, aliens, etc. as were imagined in the TV shows and movies from the period.

Note the ABSTRACT pieces that are unique in the color choices as well as the juxtaposition of line and subject matter... 

and the MODERN and POP pieces that pay tribute to the likes of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.

Jim wants his art to bring you joy, revive memories, and brighten up your environment. His ultimate goal is to make you smile... maybe even laugh.